Automatic ON Off Day,Night Photo Control Sensor Switch AC 220V Street Lights,Home Light Indoor Outdoor Light LDR Switch [1 Year Warranty]

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Specifications: Power supply voltage: AC 220V Load current: 7A, load power: incandescent lamp ≤700W, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, exhaust fan ≤300W (more than passenger rated power, please use with AC contactor) Turn on the light: <30Lux, turn off the light: >150Lux Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40F to +158F) Switch power consumption: <0.1W Power cord length: 10 cm About this item  The light control switch module is a novel photoelectric switch designed and manufactured according to the photoelectric conversion characteristics of the semiconductor component. It consists primarily of a sealed CDs photo resistor and integrated circuit.  At dusk and dawn, the street lights can be automatically turned on and off according to changes in natural light, eliminating the need for manual operation, thereby achieving automatic control of street lamps and energy conservation.  The circuit is equipped with a delay circuit, which has the anti-interference ability to prevent accidental lightning or manual flashlights, automobiles, and other light-illuminating photo-electric heads, and the false-opening and false-off of the light power supply parts. The delay time is different. , depending on the brightness, usually a few seconds to two or three minutes.  The internal control is controlled by relays, which are compatible with various loads of resistive, inductive and capacitive lamps. It can load LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, exhaust fan lamps, etc. or other electrical equipment.  Generally installed in the lamp or inside the box, it has the advantages of novel design, reliable installation, small size, light weight, convenient installation, long service life and low price.
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